Why I am doing this…

People ask me why I am doing this and within different conversations, I discovered different answers I gave to them and after some months now I get more and clearer what is important to me and why I am doing this.

1) I want to contribute to the change in the world and I know that starting to feel is a major step towards this shift to be able to happen.
2) I am capable of containing a big amount of energy in form of feelings of others without collapsing and get triggered. I feel my responsibility to hold space to enable others to unfold into this capacity to pass this onto the next persons in their field. Like a ripple effect.
3) I want to bring healing back into the center – the home of people – back from therapy rooms, retreats, workshops etc – back home into their living rooms. To open the space to integrate it into their daily life.
4) I want to travel and meet people, who are committed to healing as I do. Radical and lovingly on the path of self-love.
5) I want to heal myself more and more through the healing of others – this is what happens. I heal myself while holding space. The law of attraction is always present. I love it.
6) I want to leave a legacy – like roses blossoming up while I am walking my path through the world.
7) I love people. I love this planet – mother earth and all beings and I love myself enough to focus on what I want to see in the world and take action.

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