What happened so far…

I arrived on Wednesday in Amsterdam super satisfied and also tired from the intense ride of the last three weeks guiding through Completion Journeys at three different places and working with 11 people. At the bottom I will give you an overview about my trip until end of July.

Today I was out with a friend and we had lunch together in the Meatless District – I just recommend this place – very yummy food. She was asking me how it was so far and I started to share what happened until now since I started my journey. As she is on her way to start her business as a freelancing expert for weight loss and healthy lifestyle in Amsterdam, we were talking about different technics of raising consciousness. Especially about the trap using the realized trauma as a coping mechanism not to feel actually the emotion caused by the trauma. Like using the story not to feel what happened. Knowing is not the key – owning it with all levels, means all four bodies is healing instead of coping = resisting.

I love such talks. 🙂

When we said goodbye, she suggested me to post more about what I am doing during these weeks, that this might be interesting for people, which are taking into account to host me in the future.

By the way… the next free slots are in October, November, December.

So I will give you a summary what I do when I arrive at the host`s place and the first steps we make together. Usually, I arrive Sunday afternoon. Last time I came with the night bus very early and went straight to get more sleep. 🙂

So Sunday is the arrival day where we get to know each other. We spend dinner together, and after dinner, we have a talk about scheduling the week. Which timeframes are available? (e.g. when there are kids) What are the main topics? What are your desires and expectations for the week? Are there any logistics I need to know, like: Who are the people, which booked the sessions? On which day? I will share my schedule if there are online sessions I will give etc.

As you can imagine each week was entirely different and it is not possible to make up a plan, and it would be so NOT my style to do so. I love to improvise with the tools I have in my backpack and following my inner and outer guidance. The flow of the week builds itself up like a wave and I follow the impulses I get and sure well synchronized with the host.

With the first host, I did a lot of constellation work, vision work and Completion Process. She is on her way to freelancing in the field of supporting people stepping into their full authenticity. She was at that point of her life with more than one option, and she was struggling to decide about her next steps.

At the next host – a little community I did two mediations with two different couples about relationship issues and Completion Process with different people as well as a Decision-Coaching session with a younger woman.

During the last week, we did Completion Processes, Empowering Decision Making, Closet-Cleanup 🙂 super fun!, Wild herbs-picking and cooking. Being myself was easy for me and gave a lot of eye-openers to the host to see that “life is fun” definitely exists.:-)

And there are always long talks about perceiving life in general and my perspective on that. What helped me to be no longer so “hookable” by others. What works for me and what did not. I give a lot of distinctions with mindmaps of the Possibility Management or take a reference to Teal Swan’s episodes.

I was answering a lot of questions about my life in the intentional community Schloss Glarisegg.

As we are always a match of frequency – means the host and I and sure the family always resonate with my field as I do with theirs, we have similar personality types – consciously or subconsciously.

That means the challenges of the host are/were often the challenges of myself.

The next weeks I am in Amsterdam and Haarlem digesting the last weeks. My nights are quite intense, and I start to be able to change my dreams actively. That was confusing first and then super empowering. I will write about that in another blog as soon I get it more clearly what is going on.

I will leave you for today.



NEXT Trip location:

Week 14: Haarlem, Amsterdam

Week 15: Community Steyerberg, Germany – close to Hannover

Week 16: Germany – close to Fulda

Week 17: Germany – Cologne

Week 18-20: France – Paris and surrounding

Week 21: German – close to Munich (North)

Week 22: Austria

Week 23: Germany – close to Munich (North)

Week 24: Austria

Week 25-29: Sweden

Week 30-31: Switzerland – Glarisegg

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