What happened…April 2017

Oh, what a journey!! After almost three months of traveling, I am at my parent’s house to digest the last weeks, and I want to share with you what happened, what I learned and how I am currently and meanwhile.

After my three hosts, I enjoyed my free time in Amsterdam.  I was super happy that I could stay at a friends apartment (Thanks, Laura!!) for the first four days before I went on to Haarlem to an Airbnb apartment. Amsterdam, I fell in love with the City – I realized how much I need to have water around me and as you know there is a lot of water. Walking over so many bridges was such a pleasure for me.

I met Kelly – a former EVS (European Volunteer Service) in the permaculture garden of Schloss Glarisegg, Steckborn Switzerland. It was beautiful for me to see her again and to learn where she is in her life. She surprised me with an entirely new way of being. Thumb up! Beautiful sister is on her way. 🙂

During this phase, there was a documentary about cancer online – 9 episodes which are called „The truth about cancer.“ Wow – I learned so much – not only about cancer itself but how we can keep our immune system healthy, that cancer has no chance to manifest in our body. I learned that cancer cells are always in the body but/and a good running immune system balance this out.

There was one episode about juicing, and I decided to have a slow juicer one day once I settle down again. I spoke about that with Kelly – and guess what? She said: “Oh actually I sell one on the internet as I have two!“ – Sync in action. So I bought this and sent it to my parents…Juhu – currently I have juices in the morning for the next week!!! Yummy!
Ok back to Amsterdam. The first four days were packed with sightseeing, walking around the city, finding vegan or vegetarian restaurants, changing Gulden at the National Bank into EUR (I found some when I was sorting out my owning in Glarisegg …and it worked and gave me some additional pocket money :-)),
After that, I went to Haarlem and had four quieter days. More digestion than getting more input into my system. The internet in the apartment was not working, so contact to the outer world besides getting out of the flat was challenging. I went to the beach – the North Sea. My first time and I enjoyed the 2 hours walk just straight along the beach. Windy but as the sun was out it was a brilliant experience.
After the almost just-me-time (I gave one session) I drove back to Amsterdam to meet Jasmijn. It was such a pleasure to see her again. She showed me another perspective of Amsterdam. I had a great time with her, and it was just easy and straightforward to be with her, her boyfriend and her father.

During the Easter holidays, I stayed in a community near Hannover. Lebensgarten Steyerberg. I had an apartment with a kitchen.
I had a lovely view of the forest and to the ritual garden of the community with its two sweat lodges and the tipi. I spent my days in the woods or reading, skyping and sleeping.

The book “She came from Venus” from Omnec Onec came to me, and I can recommend this book to all who are interested in the astral realms, other planets and the universal perspective of the earth.

The next block of CP weeks started near Fulda at Nena and Achim. I arrived on Tuesday after the long Easter weekend.
From the first moment, I felt so familiar with her like a sister, which I didn`t have. We were so in tune, and I felt so home – amazing. 🙂
After almost two days tuning into what we will explore together, we found out that we need to work on their relationship before they got married in June – like a cleanup 🙂 before the next level starts.
Oh, I would love to do this with each couple before their marriage. A lot of dirt was usually thrown on both sides of the window through which we perceive each other. And as the window is dirty it functions as a filter through we see our partner. Through this filter, it is not possible to really see the person. We observe the other through a lot of resentment, which will always unconsciously block a real contact to the partner.

So a resentment-cleanup is super helpful for any relationship to start the next period of life together. Afterward, it is necessary to install than a ritual of cleaning up the window on a regular basis to keep the contact pure and without resentment.

During my conversations with Nena, it got more clear for me why I feel so connected to her. We were both born premature, were two months in the incubator and the relation to our mom was/is almost identically. So I proposed to her working on the mother wound.
During the weekend it happened that the parents from her came over and we had coffee together and then a walk through the little town. During walking, I was asked by Nena to help with the communication with mom and dad. Finally, I ended up in doing a family mediation and a sharing of my experiences as a baby and the consequences I learned this had for my relationship with my mom and that I can see same or similar dynamics between Nena and her mom. The afternoon was filled with honest sharing and expressing emotions in a safe environment.  I also asked the two men to step into this process of the re-union of mother and daughter. I showed them what would be the next steps to integrate and heal and also what it would need for the whole family system to support this process.

You may relate to how harmful it is to all persons in a family, not just the „main actors.“ It brings a high relief also for others when emotional healing happened, and two family members are no longer subconsciously fighting with each other.

The first steps towards this healing were done. What a beautiful action.

On Sunday I left for Cologne to meet Senay and her family. Wow, what a different pace and environment. I was warmly welcome by her husband Andreas, who picked me up at the station. It was so lovely to see Senay again. We met each other in Prag after a Teal Swan workshop and were having dinner at a raw food restaurant together. Since then we kept in contact, and once I announced my Completion Tour, she was one of the first hosts, who invited me. Meanwhile, she became a certified Completion Process Practitioner too. 🙂

We had a lot of fun together and also deep processes were happening. I helped them to change some family dynamics, which were draining the energy out of the whole system. All of the family members seemed to be a bit exhausted from the current situation. After bringing the awareness into it, Senay and Andreas implemented new habits, and it worked fantastically. Within two weeks the climate in the family changed completely.

Due to the cancellation of the first CP week in Paris, I was available for an another week. We all were happy to decide that I extended my stay. I was still there when Senay and Andreas were practicing the new approach with the kids and I could give feedback and coaching instantly.
A special gift for me was the women circle, which Senay invited on a Friday. We were celebrating together. After having a delicious dinner, we came together to have a sharing circle with picking quality/value-cards. I love these pure moments of deeply listening to women. What a blessing.

I fell in love with the little daughter and had fun with her and was gifted with a short forest walk on the last day – just we both alone, no mom or dad – just us. So great. She is in my heart.

On Saturday night I made my way on the Flixbus to Paris with a night stop in Brussels. What a trip. Grrrr – having just men around me speaking languages I couldn`t understand and the fact it was after midnight I had moments of fear. I had to remind myself that these men are kind and having nothing evil in mind. As soon my seat neighbor started snoring and leaning onto my shoulder I had to say STOP! to him. It was a great practice to set my boundaries and be clear about them.

And the next blog is about Paris…

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