The vision and how it all began…

Where to start to answer this question is not so easy as there are more layers coming together. When I tune into the decision to travel around Europe and offer my toolbox with all I learned during the last six years of an intense ride of community experience within an intentional community with the main focus on building a new form of sustainable communication & relationship culture, I feel happy.
I love to share all these gifts I received while living and transforming on a daily basis. This is meanwhile natural to me and is my lifestyle.
Healing the Emotional Body is since more than 4 years my personal main focus – within me and holding space for others to dive deep within.
The foundation of my work is based on the tools, processes, distinctions of the Possibility Management. After some years I was missing in this work kind of a female energy approach
and I was asking the universe to show me the missing part and Teal Swan appeared in my life.

Since 3 years I am following Teal Swan with her work and her clarity and preciseness of her distinctions stroke me like a beautiful wave of knowledge and wisdom.

I applied for the training in Salt Lake City and was not chosen for this training but was chosen for the first training in Europe in Mai 2016 with other 26 participants.
This training pulled me on the next level. I met my soul family there and was so inspired by the power of this group and that we share the same values and are doing the same awesome work.

Some weeks after the training I got a clear vision about a healing travel within Europe. I woke up and it was there.
I want to offer my healing work and as an exchange, I ask for hosting me. A cozy place to sleep and organic vegetarian food as an exchange. Like woofing but with healing work.
Easy and simple.

I started to share my vision in my community and the feedback was amazing. I felt such a powerful force behind me to go out into the world with this mission of Healing the Emotional Body.
I decided to quit my job in the seminar center of the community in March 2017 and started my plannings about the tour.

And here I am within the phase of letting go and in creating something new which is kind of unknown and unpredictable.

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