The Completion Process is a life journey of compassion, creativity and aliveness

The last 20 years and especially the last 10 years while I am living in an intentional community ( I learned a lot about different ways of communication, various healing methods and tools, endless amounts of relationship patterns and new ways of approaching each other and the opportunities to live a more sustainable lifestyle on social, economical and ecological levels.
In 2012 I started studying my emotional body. It became my personal focus to address my inner healing, to put my emotional healing as the first priority.
You might ask yourself, why, right?
I was born prematurely in the 80-ties, the general approach was to take babies after birth away from their mothers to place them into an incubator so that they would be safe to grow. This happens with me too. For 2 months I was isolated in the incubator without any contact to my mom.
My mother just accepted it how it was these days and told me one day after I got curious about my personal start into this life:
„I just picked you up after two months. Before I could just see you for some minutes from a balcony while they were placing you in front of the window of the opposite building….“ There is still a bit of anger in my system thinking about this information.
This is how I came into this life. Loneliness and abandonment was the foundation of my personal conditioning, my personal tree of life.
Even I looked like a „normal“ kid, I felt very alone. I had one best friend. Without her I would be nothing.
I remember one long peak during my late teenage years when I was 17 years. I still see myself crying almost every evening for a whole year.
I felt so much left alone from my best friend and my brother during this time.
Even I spend so many hours with crying I was not healing at all.
What I understand today is that I actually was not going into the emotion but stayed within the cover emotion. It was too painful and unsafe to go back to the original emotion these days. I just felt pity about myself, why this needs to happen to me again and again that people I love would leave me.
The crying stopped when I started my apprenticeship. A new era in my life started. Instead of feeling pity about myself, I coped with working, partying, alcohol, drugs. The dance between functioning and numbing myself began.
Looking back I think what gave me enough hope to start my healing journey was my interest in astrology, angels, channelling and my longing to understand the bigger picture of the universe. The need for connection on a very deep level was always my driver. I wanted to explore the world, so I did. I travelled and after a Thailand trip full of connection to nature and beautiful people I remember me sitting in the living room of my 2 room apartment and thinking: „I don’t want this anymore! I am done with living alone! I need to move out of here!“
This was the turning point and the reason I came across the community project Schloss Glarisegg at the lake of Constance.
This community is focusing on an alternative relationship & communication culture, which is more sustainable than which we learned from our parents.
I started to dive deeper into myself, my patterns, my habits, my beliefs, my expectations, my wishes, my desires, my hidden purposes.
I was deeply attracted to shadow work. To explore my own iceberg under the surface.
An intentional community is from my current point of view the best place to rapidly learn about yourself by studying others and turning the camera around to research within yourself.
I soon realised that my own healing journey with these processes are actually what I want to do and provide in my life.
I am not a great fan of preaching but being an example. I see myself always as part of the system. That means me and my conditions are always in resonance with the clients who are approaching me. We have different life stories but similar patterns or you can call them also emotional signatures.
The foundation of my work is based on the tools, processes, distinctions of Possibility Management (
After some years I was missing a female energy approach and I was asking the universe to show me the missing part and Teal Swan appeared on my screen. This was in 2013. Years later, I applied for the second Completion Process Practitioner Training in Salt Lake City. I got not chosen for this training but for the first training in Europe in Mai 2016 with other 26 participants.
Since then I am studying, practising and holding space for this amazing emotional trauma integration process. I twisted my own style into it and I feel always
blessed to see the results.
The aim of my work is to guide people through this integration process through their different bodies (physical, emotional, mental, energetic) and to equip them with the understanding, knowledge and experience of the completion process, so that they can actually do it on their own and just need support and guidance for the „bigger“ triggers. This process brought me so much creativity and aliveness back into my life and I feel blessed to pass this opportunity on to whoever feels called to integrate through this method.
I empower people into their own sovereignty and freedom of choice.
In connection

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