The beauty of harvesting…

Yesterday afternoon I arrived at my first station. Still digesting the last days at Glarisegg. I was blessed with the beauty of harvesting the fruits I seeded six years ago and nourished them day by day, month by month, year by year, so they can become beautiful fruits, trees, and flowers within an amazing botanical garden, which I can call my tribe. I realized how much I love each person and it was such a gift to receive the love back.

One week ago we came together into the Glarisegg women circle – 13 women building up a peaceful and lovingly nourishing container. We washed the hands of each other in rose water while welcoming us in the women circle. What a simple beauty it keeps to give us as women these unconditional moments of love and compassion, honor and respect.

At the end of the evening, I was released of the Glarisegg women circle within a ritual. The women were building a tunnel, through I had to pass into my new life. It felt like a re-birth to me – but a fun one. I laughed a lot while a made my way through the tunnel of breast, wombs, arms and legs into the open space. I laid down on the mattress and the women gathered around me. I received their appreciation and their wishes for my journey. I have blown away. I was constantly crying while inhaling the pure love I received. Wow, what a ride. The close up was a blessing song which guided me out of the circle into my new life. Feeling the blessing within my body was so powerful and supportive. It was easy to make my steps away from the cozy, warm, secure place which I call home.

As I was responsible for the farewells the last two years, two women took the responsibility to invite for my farewell party last Friday. We started at 6 pm because we wanted to give also the kids the chance to say goodbye. I was so touched when the kids and some adults were sitting together on the floor and we started to sing children songs.

After the “kids time” we gathered in the circle and was lovingly floated with appreciation, love, and wishes. Wohooow…almost too much…After we had woven this carpet of love – and it felt really like that – they released me with a song from the Glarisegg community. It felt so great standing in front of this big group – the smiling faces which were carrying the same message: “I love you and I wish you all the best” We danced the whole night and I went to bed around half past three.

I remember the sentence of O. while I was having a break from dancing watching the people having fun and I felt the glue of love in the air: “This is your feedback – let it in!”  Yes, he is right. This is my feedback.

Thanks for this amazing feedback… still digesting.




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