June & July & beginning of August update… what happened

Hello guys,

OMG, the last two months were passing by like a high-speed train.

From today`s perspective, it feels like June is light years away and I have to focus my self to tune into this time, which was fantastic, and I am happy that my calendar tells me where I was at that point 🙂


After Paris, I enjoyed one week at my parent’s house near Munich. Wow, the last weeks were intense, and I had to recharge my batteries.

The first week of June I drove to Austria – to Rouven. I had a great time being with him at the holiday apartment of his father at the lake Traunsee in Altmünster, Austria. We worked on questions like “What makes me happy and fulfills me?” “What do I want to do?” “Where is my passion?”. We found the obstacles and opened healing spaces individually and also within his family.


The next week I was at Eva`s home in the mountains of Austria next to Bischofshofen. What a beautiful location. Similar questions as the week before appeared, and the harvest was some powerful new decisions, a family council for clearing out old resentments and deepening the connection. So lovely!

My mom picked me up – what a great gift and I spend the next days at my parents again before I drove to Nena & Achim next to Fulda to their wedding.  What a great celebration! The first vegan wedding I participated. Just awesome :-)!

Nena became a close friend – like a sister I never had.

After the wedding, I drove back, packed my suitcase and was ready for heading north – to Sweden.

On the 18th of June, I flew to Stockholm, and Kirsi picked me up. From the first moment, I felt a warm connection to her. We drove 1,5 hours to Halmenstaad where we arrived at her apartment.

We focused on several topics. She wrote a blog about it. http://www.kirsi.se/2017/06/27/the-completion-process/

After this week I stayed two weeks in Stockholm and enjoyed the city.

Holiday! One week at a friend`s and one week with Nena at a AirBnB, which was great. Stockholm is beautiful. I like the flair, the old trees and the cultural aspect, which has old tradition.

When you ask me about my summary about Sweden I would say: A beautiful country, people are reluctant and it was not easy for me to feel welcome. The weather was for a sun-graving person like me a threat. Simply tooooooo cold. Grrrr…it was always windy, and there was 2 “warm” days end of July. The rest of the time I felt like an onion – peel off – put on – peel off – put on… So honestly..when there is not a super good reason, I would say: Once in a lifetime – it`s enough 🙂

After two weeks of City-life, I packed my things and visited Gotland for some days – a community called Suderbyn.

After two days I made my way to Ängsbacka in Molkom with Sonja-Vera, a community member of Schloss Glarisegg. We were attending the General Assembly of the European GEN Conference 2017.


I met a lot of my heart family members there. It felt like home in the North of Europe. Amazing.

If you are interested in community life, building your community or learn how to integrate a more socially sustainable behavior and communication in your neighborhood, than a lot of tools, methods used by communities are waiting for you. Reach out and join the network. We don`t have to invent the wheel again and again but learn from each other.

After the conference, I flew back to my home-base Schloss Glarisegg. I hosted the Community Intensivweek with Ilona. All together we were a group of 12 people and had an intense and nourishing journey through the week. We opened the space to develop and experience the relationship to our “community-ability.” How openly can I share myself? How honest is honestly? In what boxes do I pack the others? What do we see in each other? What do we expect? How do we feel?

It was a nourishing time for me. I enjoyed the collaboration with Ilona. We stayed playful and open for the unknown until the last session, and it was fun to navigate. 🙂 Creating “dangerous” settings where the participants had to expand their box immensely. 🙂 High-level fun!

Afterward, I had one week in Glarisegg to enjoy myself and many, many talks within my heart family.

Since Sunday I am in Basel at Jelena´s doing another Completion Week, and it is lovely. From Friday to Sunday we will have the Teal Tribe gathering in Basel, and I am curious what will happen.


I keep you updated…




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