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I was happy to be introduced to the father of a friend last week, and I was super excited, that we dived into a deep conversation about his next steps at work. He was a teacher and had a break down some months ago. After the breakdown, he had an amazing healing experience at a workshop where he finally realized that his old childhood wounds were the route cause of his collapse. He was tipping into his pain and healed the traumas during this weekend. Afterward, his daughter said to me, he looked younger and was changing his perspective on healing. Now he stands at a crossroad. He has some more months to figure out how he can contribute to the school. At the moment he no longer wants to be a teacher. I asked him why he doesn`t want to be a teacher anymore. His answer was because he no longer wants to feed the system the old way.

I was thinking a bit of it, and during the conversation, the impulse came up to say something about it. I asked if it would be ok to share my insights what I perceived and he agreed.  I won`t go too much into details but what I want to share is the following:

I told him that I see an underlying fear of being a teacher and that this might be the key to addressing that instead of searching for another label. So I told him that this might be the next task for him to get ok with the label “teacher.”  To seek another “label” or be best without a label seems to me as escapism.

What I mean with getting ok is not to overstep the fear and just be ok with being a teacher. No, what I mean is to dive into the layers of his subconscious mind and his emotional body to heal the fear of being packed up in a “teacher”-box. What I assume is that this means to him to give up his freedom of creativity, his human right to be and to be loved by just being – without a label. Once he integrated this aspect which he disowns currently, he will be free to make new decisions, no matter if this includes being a teacher or any other title of choice.

This is just a beautiful example of how people, who get more and more conscious about their needs and desires, no longer want to fit into this system.

I can see that, and for many, there are opportunities to get out of the system or better say they find ways to still be in the system but no longer hooked into all the mind regulations society has invented. They stepped out of their comfort zone and were brave enough to check out something new. I would say especially in the alternative health care, and personal development sectors (alternative medicine, massages, healing techniques, teachers, trainers, coaches, etc.) people found their way to focus on another art of being in this western society and are still in the system by building up to something new.

My opinion is that especially teachers are asked to change their mindsets about schooling in general and to focus on their childhood wounds and heal them, so they will be able to hold space for the new system which they establish for the next generations.

I can understand that the first impulse when you awake and see how the school system functions and what the consequences are, is to break out of it. I had the same impulse around six years ago and followed it out of the logistic business where the prices for transport just dropped down, and the service of man was nothing worth.

But what is needed now from teachers is that they learn how to hold space and how to implement new forms of communication into the school system. First on teachers level and then on student-level. The teachers must be a living example on which students rely on, so they need to implement a new communication and relationship culture into their master’s meetings.

It is a big step to get out of the “label” and be the label at the same time.

As soon you are getting more and more ok with yourself – the way of self-love – than it doesn`t matter what label you have or you give yourself.

You are yourself.

People are resonating with your being and not with your label.

As soon you let go of the attachment to the label you can have it back or not. The charge which was attached to the label – like the fear of losing your freedom of creativity – is healed and so you are free of it, and you can choose again from another open place within yourself.
















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