Caroline R.

She wonderfully guided me into the process and made me feel secure and trustful so that I could let myself be within my emotions and sensations. And even when my strong and very present mind wanted to take over, I realized that I was (at least sometimes) able to let it be here without letting it interrupt the process or totally cut me off from my sensations and emotions. That was my biggest discovery about myself… Thank you for helping me find it out, Christine! And thank you for your warmth and your patience, and all the experience and different skills you have that really make you a great practitioner.  

Caroline R.

Nadine Kühn (CPCP)

It was an amazing session I had with Christine. I am very grateful because she guided me with expertise and so much warmth and understanding. She intuitively gave me all the presence support I needed in order to step into a very traumatic experience. I felt very safe and seen. She held the space for me and offered me her beautiful help. She was so attuned to me that it was possible to go into that memory to its very own core that caused me a lot of pain all of my life. It was a rebirth, and all of a sudden the attachment I used to have was gone. It was magical. I could see how all of my relationship issues were linked to that core belief/traumatic experience. By integrating and processing on it afterward, I could see and feel how those patterns have vanished. I am very grateful. Thank you, dear Christine.

Nadine Kühn
Completion Process Practitioner, Holistic Coach

Friederike Peters (CPCP)

As a fellow Completion Process Practitioner, I highly recommend working with Christine. Our session was one of the most intense CP experiences in my own practice. Most importantly, I felt completely safe to express anything that wanted to come out of me, which in my case was tears, words, screams, and trembles. Here, Completion Process really did feel like a birthing process. Christine’s presence was there all the way, nurturing yet strong, giving direction whenever needed. I also benefitted from her vast experience as a coach, which led not only to a very intuitive and experimental session but also great emotional depth and insight. On physical terms, as a result of this session, my cycle normalized and my off-cycle period pains I used to have almost completely vanished.

Friederike Peters
Completion Process Practitioner & LifeCoach

Aemilian Lorenzi (CPCP)

After having applied the Completion Process a few times by myself, I hit a point of resistance from where I couldn’t reach beyond on my own. Hence I decided to seek professional support from Christine, which turned out to be a perfect match. Christine is a very skilled practitioner. She has a very compassionate, kind and warmhearted personality which makes it very easy to feel relaxed and trusted. Throughout the process, I could always feel her devoted presence. Her mindful observation of bodily reactions was extremely helpful for a harmonic progression. In situations, where I got stuck or answers wouldn’t come easily, her intuition would come up with the right impulse to move on and ultimately close the process in profound contentment. From the depth of my heart, I am grateful to you dear Christine!

Aemilian Lorenzi

Wolfgang Mann

OMG, what a great experience! For the first time in decades, I became aware of how a coping mechanism I used to deal with anger worked. And I didn’t even know that I had this strategy to avoid expressing anger. Thanks to the great presence of Christine I was able to feel how the energy build up and how I unknowingly transformed it into something acceptable. And because she gave me this awesome feeling of being ok with whatever showed up I was able to go deeper and deeper, still feeling safe despite the traumatic stuff that showed up. Thank you so much, dear Christine, this was really amazing!

Wolfgang Mann
Former Teacher

Aline Deschenaux

«Christine kindly guided me on the path back to myself. I was able to get there because I genuinely felt taken care of while remaining free, in charge of myself. I am grateful for this empowering and liberating experience I got to share with her. »  

Aline Deschenaux
Graphic Designer