The Completion Process is an emotional healing and integration process, which is based on a holistic view of life and the universe at large.

Teal Swan ( invented this process.

It is an efficient way of getting to the root of repeating patterns in life, be it habits, experiences, or thoughts, which accuring again and again.

The completion process can be done with oneself or guided by a practitioner like myself.

To prepare yourself for the process, it is helpful to read/start reading the book The Completion Process

When life pushes us into the direction of our evolution, usually it gets a bit messy, intense and confusing. This is when our resistances are popping up and our survival mechanisms want to prevent us from experiencing the pain we experienced which caused to install the survival mechanism in the first place.

These resistances are coming in the shape of emotions.

Emotions are unresolved and incomplete feelings attached to a situation/story in the past.

Emotions are calling us for healing and integration.


I am here for you to move through this healing and integration process without disturbance and loving guidance on your side.

The Completion Process is a healing wave, where emotions can be expressed, left behind aspects of your self-reclaimed, old decisions seen and a lot of life energy, which is sitting in the past, be reintegrated again.

This re-owning of your self allows the tension within you to relax. This brings back your life energy and instead of going against yourself and forcing to prevent the past you start to use your life energy to expand into your next creation. One might be to make a new decision about your life, which supports you as an adult.

Your creativity will rise and your clarity will increase.



Healing is an ongoing process. To deepen the process I offer at least one triple package, which allows you to integrate layer by layer in an organically evolving way.


Triple packages

Costs – via Zoom
3x 1.5-2 hours  CHF 439.-

Costs – in person @Schloss Glarisegg
3x 1.5-2 hours  CHF 499.-


Special Offer

Stay overnight @ Schloss Glarisegg (

Costs – in person @Schloss Glarisegg
5 hours  (split up 2+3 hours) CHF 499.-

Please ask me about this opportunity and we will figure out what is possible.


From my experiences with clients, I want to recommend to book the session as a 1:1 session if possible.
Zoom is working fine, but the face-to-face contact is supporting the depth of the process immensely.

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