August 2017 – Sisterhood, Glarisegg, Challenges, Friendship and Creativity

Hello again,

The autumn has arrived. I sit in the bus to Chur, where I will meet my next host Aemilian.

Since the beginning of August at Jelena, a lot of happened again, and I am super happy to move on to the

next CP Week host.

As I wrote, I was at Jelena’s in Basel from 5th of August until the 12th of August. She is awesome. Full of power and good vibrations and such a commitment to dive into her shadows.What a blessing for a CPCP. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am more than sure that the contact with Jelena will go on. We are focusing a collaboration next year. Let`s see what will happen. Sisterhood rocks!

During the last weeks, I get more clear about my home base. The radius shrinks to the size of Switzerland. I love this country and the people. ๐Ÿ™‚

After Basel, I went back to Glarisegg and had one week of holiday…just me and the Glarisegg beach and lovely talks with friends. My first body sunburn, which felt lovely on my skin after so many weeks of “no-summer” in Sweden. Since March it felt like a never-ending springtime for me. It was never really hot hot hot…where ever I was …but then finally it was ๐Ÿ™‚

On the 19th of August, I made my way to Slovenia to the Pachamama Center near Maribor. The first highlight was that my dear friend Nayeli picked me up and brought me there. What a luxury. I arrived there with her and just received a guided tour by Luca a Slovenian guy and Thomas from the Czech Republic.

It is a lovely place run by a couple with their little sun. Dhiraj, Luz and Osha. Two special personalities, which bring awareness to the people in their unique way. She is responsible for the creative part of the center and the lovely garden. He is more focused on building and renovating.ย  The website is only in Slovenian language . – if you want to see more of the place you can watch the following video

I stayed two weeks as a volunteer. No processes.. this is what I thought. The first days there was a challenge for me and threw me in my own process. The two guys mentioned earlier projected their fears upon me and were challenging me with harshness and provocating questions about my work. I was super happy that there was a French couple Nina and Lucian, with which I felt a nice connection and another young woman Svesdana. After some days one of them apologized, and we both could lay the weapons down. Energetically I permanently had to hold my shield up hight and my sword on my side. What an energy-draining situation.

After putting the weapons down, I had a great and open talk with the young man. What a change! All because out of fear and uncertainty.

The other man followed with his apology some days later. He realized what he projected onto me. What a release.

After one week my close friend Eva arrived and Svesdana`s friend Miliza. This changed everything.

Two best friends rising the energy. We had a great time. Open and honest talks and great creative experiences by doing a mosaic.

After two weeks my time was over, and Eva and I head back home to Austria. After that, I stayed at my parents for some days before I went on to my next stop. I was invited to support a seminar center in their transmission to the next level. I looked forward to it.

I arrived there, and it was a great welcome. Open and honest. Sadly but also clear with my decision I left the center after three days. Unfortunately, I was not willing to please the owner but to challenge him about his true intentions regarding the future of this place. I don`t want to go into details, but instead of opening into a co-creative space together we were stuck in a judgemental field out of fear and anger. Instead of seeing me as a cooperation partner I felt attacked, and an old decision within me came up during a conversation with him was ” everything I say will be used against me.” I did a process on this in the afternoon and found the root cause in the relationship with my brother… anyway, I had to leave, and it was the right path for me.

…and my brother…when I left the center I was picked up from my father and my brother – my heroes!! I felt like a princesss. Some month ago I wrote a letter to my brother, andย  I received no answer. Therefore I was nervous to see him again. After talking with my mother, which gave me a supportive hint how to start the conversation with him, I asked him if he received my message. He said yes, and I asked why he didn`t write back. Even I received no proper and the clear answer we started to talk about personal things after years for the first time. What a blessing. I used the time to develop a new layer of trust and spend time with him.

So now I am curious about the next weeks… the next CP weeks are ahead!! Yeah!!

I will keep you updated.

with a smile





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