And what happened May 2017…

After a two week-expanded version of the completion process week, I made my way to Paris – the city of love! Wow – this city is great! I loved it from the first moment. Caroline picked me up at Gare du Nord, and from the beginning, we went well together. Her cozy little flat was my home for one week. We shared almost the whole week together. It was a pleasant experience staying with Caroline. After having the first CP with her on Monday, we had a walk through the nearby park – so beautiful. Green and a lot of water wherever my sight was pointing. The next day I made my way to the grave of Jim Morrison – to the Pere Lachaise. What a beautiful park this is with its old trees and little paths between the graves. I spent some time there, taking pictures and just being there. On my way back to the restaurant, where we would meet again, a little miracle happened. I took the bus to the city center, and suddenly we had to go off the bus at Chatelet instead of the final destination. I was already a bit late and was four bus stops away. A man stood next to me and was reading the message on the display of the bus stop. I couldn’t understand what there was written. He started to talk to me. In my best French I told him that I don`t know what it means and he looked a bit confused at me. I explained that I am German, so he switched to English and told me that the bus – this line is currently not operating and there is no reason why. He asked me where I have to go and I showed him on the bus line map which bus stop I would need to get off. He looked at me and said: „I will take a taxi, would you like to come with me? I will drop you off at the station.“ Wow, what a gift. After 10 seconds a taxi stopped. He was a photographer and super kind. I shared a bit what I am doing. He dropped me off at the corner Rue de la Seine and so I was just perfectly in time once I arrived at the restaurant. What a gift! I felt so in alignment these minutes. Amazing 🙂
The week with Caroline was packed with sightseeing, CPs with her and three others, Sharing time, Eating yummy food together, Laughing, Talking about men and our lives.

I enjoyed the city a lot even I realized that I could never live in this town for longer. I loved to walk along the Seine, and it was great to be surrounded by these great old buildings and monuments like the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre…

We worked on different topics during the week to become more empowered and self-confident to speak her truth and take action when necessary. We worked with suppressed anger and turned it into consciously used anger. Anger has no meaning. We put meaning onto it and label it as wrong. Our parents told us that anger is dangerous and evil. What they meant is: Aggression is dangerous.

The responsible way of using anger is for example: Saying YES, Saying NO, Saying STOP, Setting boundaries – healthy boundaries, which lasts.
So often I hear women say: „He stepped over my boundary! That was not OK.“

My honest answer to that is: „You never set a clear boundary. You maybe thought about setting it up, but you never did it, that`s why he came so close. – too close You allowed him to get so close – unconsciously – because you never learned how to set up healthy boundaries – nobody told you how to do it.

She was able to re-own her anger – instead of resisting it, (suppressing it) – She got her power force back – her warrior. The warrior within us is there for keeping us safe. It is important. We need consciously used anger for clarity, boundaries and taking action in life by making powerful decisions. Sure it is a way of implementing which takes time, training and commitment to yourself. To reclaim your anger back is an act of self-love.

The week passed by so quickly, and Caroline brought me to the train to Fontainebleau where Hazel and Simon were waiting for me. The short transit time lasts 1 hour, and I arrived around 4 pm at the station, and I felt again super welcome!

It was so great to see Hazel again. We meet at a training course in the Netherlands about „Empowerment through Coaching“ where she was the trainer. From the first moments we shared together, we realized that we would see us again. She will be sixty soon and has a large experience since 30 years working with youths and adults through Erasmus+ in the field of Coaching and Empowerment.

After a 15 minute drive, we arrived at their beautiful home. Wow, what a blessing. In the middle of nowhere in a little village stand their house and I fell in love with it at first sight and felt home.
With Hazel and Simon, it was just great, and some miracles happened through this week as an upcoming reunion of the family of Hazel, which looked just impossible at the beginning and new doable and appreciated perspectives for Simon`s retirement.

It felt like this week supported them to welcome the next phase of their lives with more compassion and embracing the new opportunities instead of looping emotionally back to the past.
I received so much love and support, and I needed that.
On Tuesday I got up early and drove with Simon to Orleans. He went to work, and I had a half day in Orleans hanging around and enjoying the city and the sun and went shopping 🙂 A souvenir from Orleans – a white skirt. I love it  🙂
On Wednesday we just had a lazy day with hanging around and doing almost nothing.
Hazel was doing the Tarot for this year for me, and it was so to the point again. Grrrrr… Goose pumps on my skin 🙂 Some of the cards I picked you can find in the collage I made for this blog.
It feels like: I am on track, and I received good pointers where to pay attention and to be careful.

On Saturday we had a delicious Indian dinner made by Hazel and a chocolate mouse for desert from Simon. Yummy!!!
It was our last evening, and we enjoyed music and a glass of wine.

On Sunday they brought me to the train station, and I made my way to my parents by plane from CDG to Munich.
My brother and my father picked me up and it is nice to be back at my parents.

Since then I enjoy the sun and my free time. I met a former colleague – Ursula, which I haven`t seen for ten years. It felt like there was no time between our last meeting. So lovely! Today I will see two of my most influential people in my life. My neighbor Helga and my dear friend Renate. It will be a reunion after almost six years. Wow, I am curious and excited to see them again.

Tomorrow I will drive with my parents to the Traunsee in Austria where we will spend the weekend together. On Monday the next CP week with Rouven starts.

I will keep you updated on this 🙂

With Love

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