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What is the Completion Week-END?

The Completion Weekend is a unique transformational intensive program @ HOME.

It was developed especially for social entrepreneurs and women in leadership positions who are at a turning point in life and who want professional support for this step of change in order to take the next step as effectively and sustainably as possible.

The unique setting helps enormously to accompany the change process. I will be your guest for three days and experience your life very closely. Changes will be initiated where your life happens.

With my toolbox of different personal development and healing processes, methods, and teachings, I accompany you by focusing on your special topic. The journey is as individual as you are.


The most important advantages:

  • You stay in your home, in your familiar surrounding
  • Short time span with maximum potential for change
  • You gain clarity about yourself and your natural abilities – your inner navigation system
  • Increased creativity & joy of life through a new approach to your feelings
  • Effective & everyday tools to go through a life centered and therefore powerful
  • Reduction of physical and psychological tensions, by transforming emotions
  • You get clarity about your strongest qualities that work through you
  • Increased motivation, self-confidence, and self-esteem


Is this Completion Week-END for you?

Transformation Week is primarily for you if you…

  • … realize that some areas of your life do not work as they should and you are willing to invest in your further development.
  • … you have had enough of being caught in the hamster wheel of life and want to redesign your life.
  • … want to practice radical honesty and thereby take radical responsibility for yourself.
  • … are ready to really change – change takes place on several levels. (mental, emotional, energetic and physical)
  • … you are feeling stuck at the moment, feel stuck at work and/or in your private life and cannot live out your creativity and fullest potential.
  • … you are heart-related and want to live and develop your life as a conscious and successful leader.
  • … want to bring more balance in your private and professional life, both inside and outside.
  • …your being is crying for change and it is time to really go out and start the deep change.

If one or more points apply to you, then the Completion Weekend is certainly an opportunity to get closer to your goals quickly and efficiently.

Feel free to contact me so that we can find out together.


The procedure

The first step is a video call to get to know each other (via zoom). Together we will find out if this weekend is the right one for you.

Then we will discuss the main topic in another zoom call about 2 weeks before the appointment. I will then put together a very individual program which will be further adjusted during the week.

My arrival is usually on Thursday afternoon – departure on Sunday in the afternoon. The complete stay is 3 days and 3 nights.


The schedule is as follows:

1 day: Arrival – getting to know each other

2-3 day: Session days – see below for details

4 Day: Finishing & rounding off – Departure



Investment & Agreement

Accommodation & meals (organic, vegetarian) & transport costs

1:1 Completion Week-END: Price 960,- CHF



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  • English